"Her similarities to Elliot Smith are immediately apparent, but the comparison is definitely favorable, and will complement rather than haunt her in what should be a vibrant career for this songwriter and performer."

– Nathan Gelguid

D.A. Nation called her performance ... "an emotional roller coaster. Hradecky's voice is a gut wrenching guilty pleasure"

"They're fucking great."

Ben Hicks

(Denise Hradecky’s Save The Universe is a brilliant fusion of spritely pop melodies and intricate folk craft. The bright, crisp production showcases each strum and finger slide of Hradecky’s simple, but compelling guitar playing. Keening violin and swelling cello accents transform “Drive Around You” into a miniature folk masterpiece. “Brain Clog” thumps along with a pleasantly sunny disposition before melting into the gorgeously sublime “Obsurd.”

– Patrick Conlan, illinois entertainer november 2012)

deniseDenise Hradecky grew up in the Chicago area and started playing organ and piano in grade school. She left home to move to Boston in 1996, taught herself guitar, and began developing her own musical style as an independent artist, while also learning how to record her own music. In 2000, Denise moved to Raleigh, NC, recording and performing along the east cost. In 2004, she moved back to Chicago to go to school, but still performs in the area. She says she will always be writing and recording, and mostly giving it away for free.

Email Denise at denisehradecky@yahoo.com.